Holy Rosary Theatre Group



The first show produced was Tim Kelly’s Alice in Wonderland. Timothy held auditions and ended up with a cast of nineteen, many of those were family and friends Timothy begged to join the cast. The cast rehearsed during the summer nights, and began performances in August. This became the traditional schedule for Holy Rosary Theatre Group. The next year, it was decided to perform Wizard of Oz, and everyone involved was shocked to see over 115 people of all ages come to audition. The show was cast with about eighty cast members, turning away adults and children. Turning away people, specifically children, was unfortunately unavoidable, but it set the standard by which the group used in casting shows. From that point on, Holy Rosary Theatre Group casted all whom auditioned, using many as towns people, animals, fairies, etc. The Theatre Group’s casts grew from nineteen the first year, to close to 100 many of the following years.

In the year’s to come we began to expand our use of sets, usually constructed by father’s of the cast members, and spearheaded by Tim’s Dad, Dennis Hooke. Holy Rosary Theatre Group became a family affair with moms and dads acting along side their children. If not acting, parents can be found creating costumes, sets, props and running the concessions and door. The family atmosphere is one of the main factors that make Holy Rosary Theatre Group what it is.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Holy Rosary Theatre Group, they performed Alice in Wonderland. This was the first time that they had duplicated a show. This time however, the sets included a thirteen foot tall glow-in-the-dark mushroom for the Caterpillar and two fifteen foot jury boxes. The cast had also grown to sixty-five members. On August 14, 2004 Holy Rosary Theatre Group celebrated closing night of their tenth anniversary, where at curtain call, Antioch Mayor Don Freitas presented Tim with a plaque and declaring that day Timothy J. Hooke Day.

Holy Rosary Theatre Group continues to perform every summer and the occasional Murder Mystery Night throughout the year. We are proud of the actors that have come through our curtains and have moved on to high school performances and to College stages. Most importantly, we are proud of the fact that we have opened up live theater to hundreds of children and those who are young at heart.